Sunday, 1 May 2011

Like a Rolling Tone: A short list of some tribute acts operating in the UK

From the banal ("Korn Tribute", "Bob Dylan Tribute", et al) to the hilarious ("Police Academy"), here is a SHORT list of SOME of the tribute acts operating in the UK.

Guns 2 Roses

Misstallica ("All Chick Tribute To Metallica")
Metalica UK
Cash (Johnny Cash)

Keep It Cash (Johnny Cash)
Pearl Jem
The Jamm
Weller Collective (The Jam)

Total Jam
Absolute Bowie
Jean Genie ("The Ultimate Bowie Tribute")
The Thin White Duke (David Bowie)
Definitely Mightbe (Oasis)


Whole Lotta DC (AC/DC)
Heatseeker (AC/DC)

Livewire AC/DC
Black Ice (AC/DC)

Bonfire ("The definitive AC/DC tribute show")
Dirty DC ("One of the UK's top ACDC tribute bands")

Stereophonies (Stereophonics)

Iron-on Maiden
Maiden Scotland
Purple Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple)

Letz Zep
Whole Lotta Led
Smiths Indeed
The Smyths

Viva Morrissey
This Is Nirvana

Four Fighters (Foo Fighters)
Rave On (Buddy Holly)
Jef Leppard
Are You Experienced (Jimi Hendrix)

The Fire (Jimi Hendrix)
Ozzie (Ozzy & Black Sabbath)
Sack Sabbath

Korn Again
South of Heaven (Slayer)
Megadeth UK
Greenish Day
Calm Like A Bomb ("Rage Tribute")
Enraged (Rage Against The Machine)

Fred Hot Chili Peppers
Red Hot Peppers
Straighten Out (Stranglers)
Pheel Lizzy ("One of the top UK's Thin Lizzy tribute bands")
Limehouse Lizzy (Thin Lizzy)

Volkerstein (Rammstein)
Rammlied (Rammstein)
Alive & Kicking (Simple Minds)
Jilted Generation (Prodigy)
Hypermused (Muse)

Muse Tribute
Black Sabbath Tribute
Bob Dylan Tribute

Korn Tribute
Killers Tribute
The Killerz
Fossil Fools (XTC)

Ramonas ("All girl Ramone tribute")
Transmission (Joy Division)
The Pistols (Sex Pistols)

Sex Pistols Experience
The Secret Police (The Police)
Police Academy (The Police)
The Bohemians (Queen)
Speak and Spell (Depeche Mode)
Faith No Man (Faith No More)

Abba's Angels
Quo (Status Quo)
Bogus Quo (Status Quo)
The Rising (Bruce Springsteen)

Who's Next (The Who)
Legend (Bob Marley)

Bootleg Shadows (The Shadows)
Roy Orbison/Van Morrison Tribute
Ultimate Madness Tribute
Nuttyness (Madness)

Michael Jackson Experience
Michael Jackson Tribute
Michael Buble Tribute
Stayin Alive (Bee Gees)

The Southmartins (Housemartins & The Beautiful South)
The Complete Stone Roses

Floyd Effect (Pink Floyd)
Think Floyd

Them Beatles
Not The Beatles
The Upbeat Beatles
Sgt Peppers Only Dart Board Band
The Bog Rolling Stones
Rolling Tones
The Rolling Zones
The Rollin' Stoned
101% Pantera
Viva Santana

The Kinx
Kast Off Kinks
Elvis Now!
Fleetwood Bac
Born To Be Jovi (Bon Jovi)
Bon Giovi

ZZ Tops
I'm Not P!nk (Pink)
Kazabian (Kasabian)
The Birds (The Byrds)
Still Marillion (Marillion)
Doors Alive
Dire Streets
Rebel Truce (The Clash)
LAMF ("Johnny Thunder and the Heartbreakers tribute")
Face Value (Genesis and Phil Collins)
Roxy Magic (Roxy Music)
Dressed To Kill (KISS)
Small Fakers (Small Faces)


  1. Favourites: Greenish Day, Jef Lepard, and, for comic timing, the Michael Buble tribute listed after the Michael Jackson ones....

  2. Jef Lepard is one of my favourites too. Also the not-quite-the-real-thing ones: Oasish, Coolplay, Slipnot and, yep, Greenish Day. I would've included Nearvana but they are American.

  3. Can't believe you missed off my most favouritely named UK tribute act, Nearly Dan. Check out their website:
    Yes, they have "merch"! So oarsome.


  4. LOL, Greenish Day.

    Until Sack Sabbath start wearing sacks I insist they be known as Sack Blabbath.

  5. Some Aussie ones:
    The Beatels
    Rubber Soul
    100% Kylie
    Absoulte Kylie
    Robbie Williams Experience
    Australian Michael Jackson Show
    The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)
    Buble and the Legends of Swing
    Elton Jack
    Tonight's the Night (Rod Stewart)
    The Super Supremes
    Forever Diamond (Neil Diamond)
    Staying Alive
    Tom Jones Experience
    The 3 Tenors
    Achtung Baby
    Keep the Faith - Bon Jovi Show
    Bohemian Rhapsody (oh, their Freddie has a stage set up in his house by the kitchen, says he performs there for his wife every night)

    and lots of the (whatever band) show

  6. Nice work! I think Abbalanche and Elton Jack are my favourites there. Some more good UK ones have come up since compiling my original list. Should add them as they arise because I've forgotten them now!

  7. One of my favourites...The Spirit Levellers.